In order to help students acclimate to the project building environment, our course curriculum features a series of projects ranging from beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Students choose their preference projects and work in groups of two in the first 5 weeks  to complete the project series.



In the last 5 weeks of class, students form groups of 4-5 to pursue their own project based on the knowledge they've gained since the beginning of the course. Students are encouraged to incorporate interdisciplinary concepts into their projects.



There are other avenues of involvement for student developers or students who are unable to take ECE 196 due to scheduling. Project-in-a-Box (PiB) team develops projects and the PiB program allows students to work on projects on their own time.



"The class helped me gain more skills that I wouldn't have the opportunity to learn in other classes. It also allowed me to get better some skills I already had such as debugging circuits and soldering."

ECE 196 Student, Fall 2016

"Amazing class. I feel like I was able to learn a lot and I loved the entire class environment."

ECE 196 Student, Winter 2017

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